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The information that is provided by the user of must be in agreement with the particular laws. The information or data which is provided by the user is to be used by all divisions or ventures of the to achieve the target of their project. Under no circumstance, the information would be converted, converted or spread to any other company or a third party or for any other business-related usage without the written approval of the user. Updating of data, modification or removal of user’s data or any information can only be done on the written request of the user himself or his envoy or his endorsed person only.


Defined Terms: Authorized customer or Un-Authorized customer -As per Firm's policy.


In case if a person chose to put an end to his or her association with us, they can unsubscribe or remove his or her account by finishing the delisting course of action using the Remove Account link available in his or her folder. The Firm would not be liable for any revelation of information concerning the customer’s account nor for any mistake and omissions considering to the information that has been disclosed. In addition, the Firm would further not be responsible for any loss or damages continued by reason of such sudden disclosure, whether purposely or accidentally. In any case, if there is any loss of information, caused due to any reason, whether as an effect of any interruption of service, postponement or cessation of the Service, the Firm shall not be legally responsible in any way. Adding to it the Firm is not accountable for the precision, quality and contents of any information existing, received or broadcasted through this Service.


The customer goes through and agrees that any information or material or goods or services acquired through this website is done at customer’s own idea and risk. The customer shall be solely accountable for any damages or cost or any other penalty resulting from any deal. In case if there is any dispute between the customers and the participants on this site, it must be solved by the customers or participants that the firm has no obligation to be concerned in any such disputes. In the occasion that the customer has a disagreement with one or more customers the customer cannot make any claims or demands or damages (genuine or consequential) of any kind or nature or recognized or unfamiliar or suspected or unsuspected or disclosed or undisclosed, arising out of or in any way related to such difference of opinions or our service against the or their representatives or employees or mediators or successors.


It is not the Firm’s policy to put into practice any kind of managerial or editorial control over or amend any data or contents of any e-mails or posting of any information that may be placed in or made obtainable or transmitted to a third party in or through onlinepropertywala and the customer must acknowledge the same. The customer agrees that the Firm has total discretion to refuse or suspend or terminate or delete any artwork, materials or information or content of any data or information in the sole opinion of the Firm, to comply with the prevailing legal framework or moral obligations as placed on the Firm. In order to avoid infringing any third party’s rights or any other rules or codes of practices that may be applicable to on the internet.  No advice or information, whether oral or written can be obtained by the customer from from the service. This phenomenon shall create any guarantee not specifically stated herein. has taken all reasonable steps to make sure that information on this site is genuine and that the information does not mislead any people surfing the website. Customers are thus advised to study bona fides of advertisers independently. The firm shall not have any responsibility in this regard. We do not generally monitor the postings that are published to the website but we have the right to do so if needed.


The user accepts that will have the power to report to the law enforcement authorities for any actions that can be considered as illegal or any information the company receives of such illicit conduct. If requested, the firm will co-operate fully with constabulary agencies in any investigation of the alleged illegal activity on the Internet.


This Website is guarded and operated from India and makes no illustration that the materials will be available globally. If the user uses this Website from outside India, he or she will be wholly responsible for compliance with all valid local laws as well as international principles and treats. Customers are hereby firmly recommended to independently confirm the legitimacy of any Pre-Launch offers received by them from our website. does not support investment in any projects which have not inward official sanction and have not been launched by the builder or promoter; customers who would be dealing with such ventures shall do it at their own risk.